The Public opt-out registry (RPO - Registro pubblico delle opposizioni) extended to all national telephone numbers, both land-line and mobile, allows the CITIZENS to opt-out of unwanted telemarketing calls by revoking consent to advertising, and of the transfer to third parties of previously provided personal data. With the new service, the OPERATOR must consult the RPO monthly and in any case before carrying out advertising campaigns by telephone. The opt-out may also refer to paper advertising if the address is in public telephone directories.

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For the citizen

Access the section to find out how to subscribe to and manage the service, as well as about the rights and protections reserved for citizens
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For the operator

Access the section to find out how to subscribe to the service, the consultation rates and the operator's reserved area
Icona What is it?

What is it?

The RPO is a free public service for citizens who wish to opt-out to the use of their telephone number, fixed or mobile, and postal address in public directories for advertising and market research purposes. The service is also available to the operators carrying out marketing activities via telephone and/or paper mail.

Icona How to join?

How to join?

Citizens can apply free of charge for subscription to the RPO or for renewal, selective withdrawal and cancellation of the subscription via web form, telephone (for land-lines 800 957 766, for mobile phones 06 42986411) or e-mail. The telemarketer must subscribe to the service via a web form in order to be able to check his or her contact lists.

Icona Citizen and operator

Citizen and operator

“Citizen” shall mean any natural person, legal person, entity or association holding a telephone contract. “Operator” is any entity, natural or legal person which, as data controller, intends to carry out marketing or market research activities by telephone and/or paper mail.


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Telephone RPO

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Postal RPO

Icona servizio Know your rights

Know your rights

Consult the telemarketing regulations to find out about the rights acquired through the subscription and the procedures to follow in the event of alleged unlawful processing of personal data.
Icona servizio Subscribed operators

Subscribed operators

Visit the list of marketing operators subscribed to our service, who check the contact lists with the RPO before starting an advertising campaign.
Icona servizio Ongoing campaign

Ongoing campaign

Download publicity materials on the Public opt-out registry, including brochures, posters or infographics, and follow the institutional information campaign.