Immagine operatore

For the operator

Subscribe to the RPO to exclude from your contact lists the telephone numbers and/or postal addresses of contractors who have opted-out of telemarketing. Or if you have already subscribed, log in to your Reserved area to be able to operate the service.

Access to services

How it works

In order to use all national land-line and mobile numbers and postal addresses in public telephone directories for telemarketing purposes, it is necessary to subscribe to the Opt-out registry as an operator. During subscription, the operator has to communicate data via a special electronic form, make an initial verification purchase and send the required documentation. He/she will then be able to access the reserved area to operate the system and check the contact lists, which are valid for 15 days for the Telephone RPO and 30 days for the Postal RPO.

Who must subscribe

All operators (any entity, natural or legal person) who – as data controller under the General data protection regulation (GDPR) – intend to use national land-line and mobile telephone numbers and data in telephone directories by telephone or paper mail for the purpose of:

  • Sending advertising material
  • Direct sale
  • Commercial communication
  • Carrying out market research,

have to subscribe to the RPO.

How to subscribe

To subscribe to the RPO as an operator, you have to fill in the appropriate electronic form, using one of the following methods:

  • Certified e-mail and digital signature (with legal value)
  • E-mail and registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt

Once you have completed entering all the required data in the electronic form, you will have to follow the instructions that will be communicated to you by the system in order to send the required documentation to the RPO. Only upon completion of this phase can the subscription be successfully completed.

In order to continue with the subscription to the RPO (also known as “Submission of application”) you must adhere to the General terms and conditions.

Reserved Area

Once you have completed the RPO subscription phase to operate with the system, you will be able to access your Reserved area, which consists of two separate profiles, reserved for the technical and the administrative contact person. Each operator can have up to five technical and up to five administrative profiles (the two profiles can also be associated with the same person).

You can access the Reserved area in one of the following ways:

  • SPID – Italian National System of Electronic Identity
  • CNS – Italian National Service Card
  • Individual digital certificate

In the Reserved area of the technical contact person it is possible:

  • To send new contact lists for Telephone and Postal RPOs
  • To receive contact lists verified by the RPO
  • To display the history of all the lists sent out
  • To display residual credit
  • To change your password

In the Reserved area of the administrative contact person, it is possible:

  • To purchase credit for contact list verification
  • To display residual credit
  • To display the subscription data (“Submission of application”)
  • To update subscription data
  • To display the history of all the lists sent out
  • To change your own and/or other contact persons’ passwords


Violation of the right of telephone contractors to opt-out – i.e. non-compliance with the RPO by telemarketers – is governed by the Italian Personal data protection code and by the General data protection regulation (GDPR), which provides for administrative fines of up to Euro 20 million or for companies, up to 4% of the total annual worldwide turnover of the previous year.