Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni

Telephone and postal marketing regulation
D.P.R. n. 178/2010 as amended

Si avvisano gli ABBONATI che a causa dell'emergenza sanitaria dovuta al COVID-19, le richieste di iscrizione, aggiornamento e revoca inviate tramite raccomandata potrebbero subire dei ritardi nella gestione, mentre restano regolarmente operative le modalità web, email e numero verde.

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    “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” is a service designed for the protection of individuals, whose telephone number is listed in a public telephone directory, who wish not to receive unsolicited direct marketing calls and postal mail any longer. At the same time it is a tool to provide the telemarketing Operators with a more competitive, dynamic and transparent market.


    The purpose of “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni” is to achieve a fair balance between the needs of individuals who wish not to receive unsolicited direct marketing calls and postal mail any longer, and the needs of the companies, in condition to use telemarketing in a more organized and transparent setting.


    The system is clear, easy to join and to use. Subscriber can access the service by choosing one out of four methods: e-form on the website, email, phone call, certified mail. Operator can join the system and carry out the update of data lists through the services offered on the website.


    The term Subscriber refers to anyone, be it a natural person, legal person, organization or association, whose telephone number is listed in the public telephone directories. Subscriber can join “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni”, free of charge, in order to stop receiving usolicited calls and postal mail from direct marketing Operators. If he does not join the service the rule of tacit consent applies.


    The term Operator refers to any natural or legal person who intends to use the telephone and the postal mail for sales and marketing purposes and for market research. Following the creation of “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni”, Operator is bound to register with the system and to communicate the list of telephone numbers to be used. Otherwise Operator will incur sanctions in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Reguation - GDPR and the Italian Privacy Code.


    The creation and management of “Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni”, established by D.P.R. n. 178/2010 and extended by D.P.R. n. 149/2918, has been entrusted to Fondazione Ugo Bordoni by the Ministry of Economic Development through a service agreement that defines the Foundation as an independent third party that carries out activities of public interest.

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